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Daftar TKI Korea Terbang Program G to G 9 dan 10 Desember 2013 Nomor: 001-200

No Reg No Name Date of Birth Flight No
1 ID02012007806 JUNAIDI 1989-06-07 KE628
2 ID02013003396 ARIAWAN 1989-12-22 KE628
3 ID02012006222 KAMAD 1991-09-27 KE628
4 ID02012011893 YOGA KURNIAWAN 1992-11-09 KE628
5 ID02013001960 LISIAM ISTIKOMAH 1989-04-14 KE628
6 ID02013002504 SRI WAHYUNINGSIH 1992-06-08 KE628
7 ID02012006793 ABDULAH 1982-09-28 KE628
8 ID02013001175 ABDULLAH MUSA 1983-04-15 KE628
9 ID02012015694 BUDIYANTO 1983-11-13 KE628
10 ID02013002415 HERWIN 1978-09-14 KE628
11 ID02012015775 MUSLIH 1978-07-06 KE628
12 ID02012015981 NARTO 1979-04-02 KE628
13 ID02012015462 AGUS PRASETYO 1991-07-31 KE628
14 ID02012015955 MUJIYANTO 1992-01-06 KE628
15 ID02012014025 JEMADI 1980-07-04 KE628
16 ID02013002624 RUHYAT 1984-05-10 KE628
17 ID02012015704 ARDI KURNIA WIBOWO 1993-10-03 KE628
18 ID02012008163 DIAN SETIANA 1992-01-01 KE628
19 ID02012007860 WAHYU WIDI UTOMO 1992-01-05 KE628
20 ID02012003807 SUTANDA 1983-09-02 KE628
21 ID02012008897 DEDE HIDAYAT 1992-11-19 KE628
22 ID02012006332 SIGIT ARIYANTO 1992-12-10 KE628
23 ID02012015925 EKO PURWANTO 1991-03-01 KE628
24 ID02012002212 AHMAD TOHA 1983-11-16 KE628
25 ID02012015828 SLAMET RIYADI 1980-12-14 KE628
26 ID02012006282 AGUNG TONI ARDINSAH 1991-07-13 KE628
27 ID02012006715 WISNU PURBONDARU 1991-10-09 KE628
28 ID02012013885 AKHMAD SHOKIBUL HADI 1981-04-12 KE628
29 ID02012006988 MUJIRO 1981-11-10 KE628
30 ID02012006238 IWAN SANTOSO 1986-07-14 KE628
31 ID02013001833 YUANA ARIAN 1988-02-25 KE628
32 ID02012012965 AGUS WINARSO 1984-03-06 KE628
33 ID02012016208 TAHZIP 1987-06-05 OZ762
34 ID02013001420 ARIF RAHMAT HAKIM 1988-06-18 OZ762
35 ID02013001426 EKO SULISTIYONO 1989-03-15 OZ762
36 ID02012016021 NUR AKHADI SOMAD 1979-12-07 OZ762
37 ID02012006943 DONI ANDIKA 1990-12-05 OZ762
38 ID02012006261 DODI SUHERMAN 1990-01-01 OZ762
39 ID02012016246 JAJANG NURZAMAN 1990-03-07 OZ762
40 ID02012015358 MUHAMMAD JAUHARI 1992-06-19 OZ762
41 ID02012015073 HERY ISTIAWAN 1981-11-14 OZ762
42 ID02012015113 AGUS RIYANTO 1992-10-09 OZ762
43 ID02012009009 SRI WIDI ASTUTI 1987-02-11 OZ762
44 ID02012015377 KUSWANTO 1988-05-15 OZ762
45 ID02012015153 EKO SUPRIYONO 1992-04-17 OZ762
46 ID02013000451 ADI NULANAM 1991-12-17 OZ762
47 ID02012015171 BURHAN AMINUDDIN ZAHID 1993-08-18 OZ762
48 ID02012016238 HERMAN FELANI 1985-06-20 OZ762
49 ID02012006574 SURADIMAN 1983-09-10 OZ762
50 ID02012014016 HADI SARWONO 1986-10-09 OZ762
51 ID02013000807 FEBRI DWI PUSPITASARI 1990-02-25 OZ762
52 ID02012015225 HADI PARWOTO 1990-09-16 OZ762
53 ID02012015524 JUMARI 1981-01-23 OZ762
54 ID02012007517 MUHAMMAD SULKAN HADI 1989-11-05 OZ762
55 ID02012008830 CARMONO 1981-06-16 OZ762
56 ID02013002250 ISMANTO 1979-06-02 OZ762
57 ID02012007156 RASTRIYANTO 1992-06-14 OZ762
58 ID02012011339 RIYANTO 1979-06-04 OZ762
59 ID02012006215 HERI HERMANTO 1992-03-15 OZ762
60 ID02012012578 SITI SUGIYARTI 1983-02-02 OZ762
61 ID02012014987 MOH SAHRIR 1982-07-16 OZ762
62 ID02012016055 MULYADI 1992-02-23 OZ762
63 ID02012016054 NUR MUHAMAD 1992-02-07 OZ762
64 ID02012008725 GUS WAHID 1987-09-12 OZ762
65 ID02012015784 TOTOK RUDIYANTO 1990-09-26 OZ762
66 ID02013003683 ANDI SANTOSO 1983-09-09 OZ762
67 ID02012013887 NURUL HUDA 1978-09-15 OZ762
68 ID02012006426 ADHA SUGIANTO 1983-09-17 OZ762
69 ID02013001306 SUTARNO 1983-12-30 OZ762
70 ID02012007808 AJI SETYATAMA 1993-05-27 OZ762
71 ID02012015135 ERWIN PRATAMA 1993-02-22 OZ762
72 ID02013002591 BAMBANG WIRYONO 1978-05-27 OZ762
73 ID02013000618 MARUP BIN CASMIN 1976-07-08 OZ762
74 ID02013001318 SRI WAHYUNI 1994-02-22 OZ762
75 ID02012016035 DEDE AELIYA YUDHAYANTO 1991-05-03 OZ762
76 ID02012004064 DENI SUNANDA 1992-12-04 OZ762
77 ID02012004071 REPLIN IDIANTO 1979-07-09 OZ762
78 ID02013001097 ABSOR 1973-03-12 OZ762
79 ID02012006538 DEDI KARUNIA 1987-12-15 OZ762
80 ID02013002738 SUMARNO MISNA 1984-01-01 OZ762
81 ID02012015563 WAKIDIN 1982-06-16 OZ762
82 ID02012014424 ABDUL WACHID 1992-04-20 OZ762
83 ID02012015247 ADI CANDRA WARI 1992-12-28 OZ762
84 ID02012014888 TARNO 1993-09-14 OZ762
85 ID02012009460 FAHRIL 1980-03-07 OZ762
86 ID02012008928 IDA DWI LESTARI 1990-06-11 OZ762
87 ID02012013910 SITI RAHAYU 1987-03-17 OZ762
88 ID02012016011 DWI DARMANTHO 1984-04-12 OZ762
89 ID02012015551 SUTIMAN 1979-06-17 OZ762
90 ID02012014834 MAHIR HERMAWAN 1993-08-26 OZ762
91 ID02012015288 ARI PRAYOGA 1993-04-02 OZ762
92 ID02012015452 LILIK SETIYANTO 1993-01-17 OZ762
93 ID02012000995 SUPRIANTO 1984-07-28 OZ762
94 ID02012007336 AGUS PURWANTO 1988-04-27 OZ762
95 ID02013000775 INDRAWATI 1992-05-23 OZ762
96 ID02013000492 MELAWATI 1990-08-18 OZ762
97 ID02012015993 ARYANTO 1987-05-31 OZ762
98 ID02012003399 MUCHAMAD ARIF IRAWAN 1986-09-27 OZ762
99 ID02012011262 ANDIK RIANTO 1978-11-12 OZ762
100 ID02012009788 WAWAN 1982-05-08 OZ762
101 ID02012015072 ROISUL MUSTAKIM 1991-09-01 OZ762
102 ID02012016012 WAWAN NOVIANTO 1989-11-24 OZ762
103 ID02012015517 BUDI KUSNANTO 1978-09-05 OZ762
104 ID02012014504 HERI SISWANTO 1981-04-15 OZ762
105 ID02012013000 ANDRI 1991-09-02 OZ762
106 ID02012015231 SULISTIYO 1989-11-19 OZ762
107 ID02012008439 DIDIK KURNIAWAN 1989-06-06 OZ762
108 ID02012016165 HERU SUSANTO 1987-07-17 OZ762
109 ID02012008680 NURUL MUSLIMIN 1989-01-14 OZ762
110 ID02013002432 ROBI YANTO 1985-01-05 OZ762
111 ID02012015736 SISWAHYUNI 1988-04-12 OZ762
112 ID02013002601 ERAWAN 1986-03-30 OZ762
113 ID02012015439 AHMAD SYAEFURI 1991-06-18 OZ762
114 ID02012012046 BAMBANG IRAWAN 1985-05-27 OZ762
115 ID02012006752 ARYANTO 1985-12-18 OZ762
116 ID02012006448 TAUFIK AKBAR BIN IMAR SUJANA 1985-10-16 OZ762
117 ID02012006635 ESTI TRI UTAMI 1988-08-06 OZ762
118 ID02012014356 RITA RUSTANTI 1989-07-01 OZ762
119 ID02012013959 SASMITA ATAS ASIH 1989-03-03 OZ762
120 ID02012012177 AENUL ROFIK 1993-07-15 OZ762
121 ID02012006208 USWANDI 1991-09-10 OZ762
122 ID02012004526 UDET USTANTO 1988-09-12 OZ762
123 ID02012014793 ERY SUSANTO 1979-12-31 OZ762
124 ID02012004072 REWENDY 1989-08-16 OZ762
125 ID02012007704 ANDIK ARISTYAWAN 1986-08-15 OZ762
126 ID02012006788 IBNU MUHABAH 1992-05-04 OZ762
127 ID02012006544 ILMAN MULYANA 1992-04-09 OZ762
128 ID02012015114 AHMAD KHOLID 1990-01-04 OZ762
129 ID02012015410 SHOLEHUN 1990-05-07 OZ762
130 ID02013004021 AGUS KURNIANTO 1989-08-15 OZ762
131 ID02012006960 NURHADI 1984-02-21 OZ762
132 ID02012010265 ROBERT SANTIAKI 1979-07-30 OZ762
133 ID02013001759 DIDA FREDI ANDRIAS 1988-08-25 OZ762
134 ID02012015255 MUH FATHUR ROHMAN 1992-08-11 OZ762
135 ID02013002761 RATNO LAMONDJONG 1974-10-03 OZ762
136 ID02012006589 AHMAD RIZKI MAULANA 1991-10-05 OZ762
137 ID02012015840 FERI BUDIANTO 1991-02-01 OZ762
138 ID02012011328 IWAN TARWAN 1990-01-10 OZ762
139 ID02012007768 RUDI SETIAWAN 1990-06-09 OZ762
140 ID02012008792 SUHADA 1991-08-17 OZ762
141 ID02012016234 ADE CAHYA 1990-11-27 OZ762
142 ID02012015508 ANDRE RAHMAWAN 1991-03-03 OZ762
143 ID02012015903 IRFAN HADINATA 1988-06-17 OZ762
144 ID02013003272 AHMAD MUNIR 1979-09-12 OZ762
145 ID02012004316 MUKRAM 1980-09-02 OZ762
146 ID02013001385 TONI AMIRUDIN 1987-10-07 OZ762
147 ID02011008984 AKHWAN 1992-07-14 OZ762
148 ID02012004908 SOPIAN HADI 1992-12-31 OZ762
149 ID02012004955 SYAIFUDIN BAHRI 1991-04-23 OZ762
150 ID02012006267 SUTANI 1990-10-10 OZ762
151 ID02012015819 FETERIK SETIAWAN 1994-02-19 OZ762
152 ID02013002127 MUHAMAD MASUD 1990-04-25 OZ762
153 ID02012016220 MUSLEH AKMALUDIN 1988-03-19 OZ762
154 ID02012016214 UMAR 1984-09-13 OZ762
155 ID02012016146 AAN OCTA ELVIRA 1992-10-01 OZ762
156 ID02012006459 SETIONO BUDI 1992-02-15 OZ762
157 ID02012013391 AGUS SUDARMANTO 1980-02-12 OZ762
158 ID02012015249 IKHSANUL KAMIL 1982-02-05 OZ762
159 ID02012007815 MOKHAMAD RUBANGI 1986-07-09 OZ762
160 ID02012015093 WAHONO 1986-04-19 OZ762
161 ID02013002131 WASIS SUDIARTO 1984-07-17 OZ762
162 ID02012008174 JANU PAMUNGKAS 1984-01-31 OZ762
163 ID02012011747 MUJI FIBRIYANTO 1985-02-23 OZ762
164 ID02012007773 NOTO SISWOKO 1986-09-19 OZ762
165 ID02013003115 ROHMADI 1989-04-14 OZ762
166 ID02012009826 CATUR BUDI PAMUNGKAS 1985-11-07 OZ762
167 ID02012009828 IWAN SOFI 1989-04-27 OZ762
168 ID02012016191 MUKROM 1989-02-05 OZ762
169 ID02012007539 HARDIANTO 1982-02-12 OZ762
170 ID02012011901 KISWANTO 1982-06-04 OZ762
171 ID02012008847 DADAN HAMDAN 1986-03-24 OZ762
172 ID02012010408 HARSONO 1985-08-28 OZ762
173 ID02012008874 RISYANTO 1984-02-26 OZ762
174 ID02012006289 SODIQIN 1985-08-29 OZ762
175 ID02012008124 LATIFUL ASROR 1988-01-07 OZ762
176 ID02012007812 SUNANTO 1984-09-04 OZ762
177 ID02012006749 JATI PERMANA 1992-07-17 OZ762
178 ID02012015151 MARSONO 1981-06-02 OZ762
179 ID02012015331 SARPIN 1979-06-19 OZ762
180 ID02012015816 EDY WINOTO 1979-07-20 OZ762
181 ID02012015317 SUTRISNO 1992-08-30 OZ762
182 ID02012006942 HERU SUTONO 1986-04-16 OZ762
183 ID02013002867 DARIYANTO 1987-11-27 OZ762
184 ID02013002929 HARTOPO 1985-10-24 OZ762
185 ID02013001014 FAJRI HARDANI 1979-11-23 OZ762
186 ID02012015897 BUSIN SURYA DINATA 1982-02-15 OZ762
187 ID02012015429 HENI KUSMANTO 1980-11-22 OZ762
188 ID02012015801 KUKUH SANTOSO 1982-05-12 OZ762
189 ID02012003847 BUDI SANTOSO 1991-07-22 OZ762
190 ID02012003837 ERIK HARIYADI 1990-03-01 OZ762
191 ID02012006500 ADANG SUNANDAR 1992-10-10 OZ762
192 ID02012015259 KISWORO 1993-04-02 OZ762
193 ID02013002885 ANANG WIJAYA 1988-04-24 OZ762
194 ID02012015495 RIYONO 1989-06-05 OZ762
195 ID02012015305 RUDI HARTONO 1989-03-25 OZ762
196 ID02012014967 TAUFIQ SAHAL 1989-07-11 OZ762
197 ID02012006186 ISKAK 1983-10-08 OZ762
198 ID02012016005 HERI PURWANTO 1986-12-30 OZ762
199 ID02012006283 JAYANTO 1991-05-16 OZ762
200 ID02012015091 TRI PRAMULYO 1993-12-22 OZ762



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