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Lampiran 2: Sending Berkas CTKI Korea Tanggal 31 Oktober 2012, Nomor: 0201-0400 (BAMB-HAMD)Sending1


201 0122012P10023622 BAMBANG PRIADI Male Manufacturing 03.10.1986
202 0122012P10021740 BAMBANG SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 20.11.1987
203 0122012P10020404 BAMBANG TRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 08.06.1992
204 0122012P10022393 BANGKIT PUJO SISWOKO Male Manufacturing 26.03.1991
205 0122012P10000840 BANI ADAM Male Manufacturing 16.07.1989
206 0122012P10024789 BAROKAH Male Manufacturing 07.06.1983
207 0122012P10024021 BASONI Male Manufacturing 10.10.1975
208 0122012P10023996 BASORI Male Manufacturing 22.08.1979
209 0122012P10021630 BAYU ANGGARI Male Manufacturing 07.11.1993
210 0122012P10000843 BAYU SUGIRI Male Manufacturing 31.10.1990


211 0122012P10003088 BELI MARCOS. Male Manufacturing 15.11.1991
212 0122012P10009696 BENI TRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 16.09.1983
213 0122012P10020885 BENY BARJITO Male Manufacturing 25.08.1983
214 0122012P10026033 BUDI PRASETYO Male Manufacturing 19.11.1981
215 0122012P10024961 BUDI SETIONO Male Manufacturing 19.01.1979
216 0122012P10000723 BUYUNG ISMAIL Male Fishing 11.06.1993
217 0122012P10000759 CAHIDIN Male Manufacturing 24.01.1989
218 0122012P10017985 CAHYA NINGSIH Female Manufacturing 11.07.1980
219 0122012P10012447 CAHYAWAN Male Fishing 08.06.1993
220 0122012P10021437 CANDRA BUDI SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 11.12.1991
221 0122011P10002517 CARDINATA Male Manufacturing 28.05.1981
222 0122012P10011815 CARINIH Female Manufacturing 23.02.1993
223 0122012P10012307 CARSAM Male Manufacturing 07.03.1986
224 0122012P10033228 CARSIDI Male Manufacturing 14.08.1974
225 0122012P10012378 CARSONI Male Manufacturing 17.05.1987
226 0122012P10011515 CARYADI Male Manufacturing 17.11.1991
227 0122012P10029787 CASMUD Male Manufacturing 21.11.1979
228 0122012P10012294 CASMURI Male Manufacturing 03.05.1986
229 0122012P10011498 CASNARI Male Manufacturing 06.08.1977
230 0122012P10000616 CASWADI Male Manufacturing 17.11.1991
231 0122012P10000278 CECE MUSTOPA Male Manufacturing 07.02.1984
232 0122012P10012533 CECEP SUPRIADI Male Fishing 21.04.1991
233 0122012P10000785 CECEP SUPRIYADI Male Manufacturing 12.12.1978
234 0122012P10025856 CHANIF YASIR Male Manufacturing 25.10.1992
235 0122012P10025440 CHOIRUL IMAM SAFI I Male Fishing 11.02.1983
236 0122012P10033518 CHOTIJAN Male Manufacturing 21.03.1990
237 0122012P10023734 CICIK PRASTIYO Male Manufacturing 04.04.1984
238 0122012P10024573 CIPTO DWI NUR CAHYO Male Manufacturing 08.08.1986
239 0122012P10021739 COLIS SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 12.08.1990
240 0122012P10028186 CUCU WARSONO Male Manufacturing 21.11.1992
241 0122012P10028205 DADAN HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 26.12.1993
242 0122012P10028190 DADANG FIRMANSAH Male Manufacturing 14.11.1992
243 0122012P10012136 DADANG SAEFULLOH Male Manufacturing 24.03.1993
244 0122012P10020518 DANANG EKO PRASETYO Male Manufacturing 11.10.1993
245 0122012P10030387 DANANG PURWADI Male Manufacturing 08.08.1984
246 0122012P10031982 DANIK RUHMIYATI Female Manufacturing 15.12.1992
247 0122012P10022701 DANU ADITYA PRATAMA Male Manufacturing 24.04.1989
248 0122012P10028802 DARMAJI Male Manufacturing 28.05.1985
249 0122012P10002810 DARMAWAN Male Fishing 10.06.1991
250 0122010P20020457 DARMIA Female Manufacturing 20.01.1979
251 0122012P10007182 DARMOKO Male Manufacturing 02.06.1989
252 0122012P10007211 DARNI Male Manufacturing 25.06.1977
253 0122012P10011773 DARNITI Female Manufacturing 04.08.1984
254 0122012P10024941 DAROINI Male Manufacturing 19.02.1977
255 0122012P10028152 DARWIS SUPRIATNA Male Manufacturing 02.12.1981
256 0122012P10012267 DARYANTO Male Fishing 01.01.1983
257 0122012P10017368 DAVID APRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 18.04.1993
258 0122012P10020594 DEDDY KURNIAWAN PRASETYA Male Manufacturing 05.10.1991
259 0122012P10028187 DEDE HERMANTO Male Manufacturing 10.03.1994
260 0122012P10012537 DEDE LASMANA Male Manufacturing 29.09.1992
261 0122012P10033207 DEDI DAMHUDI Male Manufacturing 18.09.1974
262 0122012P10017570 DEDI HENDARTO Male Manufacturing 10.08.1990
263 0122012P10001064 DEDI ISWANTO Male Manufacturing 22.09.1985
264 0122012P10012241 DEDI MAKSUDI Male Manufacturing 20.02.1981
265 0122012P10011734 DEDI MUHYIDIN Male Manufacturing 08.05.1987
266 0122011P10002662 DEDI SUELAEMAN Male Manufacturing 16.03.1988
267 0122012P10033592 DEDY IRAWAN Male Manufacturing 26.12.1981
268 0122012P10020596 DEDY MUHTAROM Male Manufacturing 17.03.1992
269 0122012P10025239 DEDY SOEPRIANTO Male Manufacturing 10.03.1980
270 0122012P10016062 DENY EKO PURNOMO Male Manufacturing 12.03.1994
271 0122012P10024493 DEPI NUR CAHYONO Male Fishing 19.03.1990
272 0122012P10015122 DEWI KUMALASARI Female Manufacturing 22.04.1986
273 0122012P10022282 DIAH MAHARANI Female Manufacturing 17.01.1988
274 0122012P10022692 DIAN ASMURI Male Manufacturing 25.10.1984
275 0122010P20022583 DIAN EKA PUTRA Male Manufacturing 19830509
276 0122012P10012901 DIAN JUNIARDI Male Manufacturing 10.06.1977
277 0122012P10028396 DIAN SOPIAN Male Manufacturing 19.05.1987
278 0122012P10011933 DIANA RATNA NINGSIH Female Manufacturing 19.09.1986
279 0122012P10000922 DIDI ISBANDI Male Manufacturing 11.04.1981
280 0122012P10028534 DIDI KARDI Male Manufacturing 21.07.1985
281 0122012P10012284 DIDI SUPRIADI Male Manufacturing 08.08.1976
282 0122012P10002801 DIDIEN DESAH ROSHADI Male Manufacturing 28.12.1979
283 0122012P10009721 DIDIK MULYADI Male Manufacturing 15.07.1974
284 0122012P10010451 DIDIK SAPUTRO Male Manufacturing 15.07.1992
285 0122012P10030110 DIDIK WIBOWO Male Manufacturing 07.12.1989
286 0122012P10028054 DIDIN JAELUDIN Male Manufacturing 30.04.1984
287 0122012P10000808 DIDIN WIJAYANTO Male Manufacturing 03.03.1987
288 0122012P10011819 DIDIT PARADITA Male Manufacturing 15.03.1991
289 0122012P10022061 DIDUK YULIANTO Male Manufacturing 08.07.1984
290 0122012P10028035 DIKI HERMAWAN Male Manufacturing 20.11.1992
291 0122012P10011639 DIMAS ADE SUPRIYANA Male Manufacturing 27.04.1993
292 0122012P10008255 DIRAMIN Male Fishing 04.01.1994
293 0122012P10001498 DIRMAN Male Manufacturing 16.07.1991
294 0122012P10000834 DISLAN BIN KAMSU Male Fishing 07.08.1983
295 0122012P10000696 DODI Male Manufacturing 22.02.1993
296 0122012P10011998 DODI SUARNO Male Manufacturing 07.01.1974
297 0122012P10012885 DODO SUGANDI S PO Male Manufacturing 02.09.1983
298 0122012P10028714 DONI Male Manufacturing 01.01.1979
299 0122010P20001974 DULKAWI Male Manufacturing 19831008
300 0122012P10023368 DWI ANDOKO Male Manufacturing 13.03.1991
301 0122012P10022523 DWI BAYUWANTORO Male Manufacturing 30.07.1990
302 0122012P10014627 DWI CAHYONO Male Manufacturing 20.11.1987
303 0122012P10022737 DWI INDARTO Male Manufacturing 08.09.1990
304 0122012P10024856 DWI MURDIANTO Male Manufacturing 09.09.1985
305 0122012P10020222 DWI SUGIYANTO Male Manufacturing 13.03.1992
306 0122012P10030564 DWI SUNARNO Male Manufacturing 18.09.1984
307 0122012P10020501 DWI SUSANTO Male Manufacturing 19.12.1990
308 0122012P10012944 DZIKRI ANDRIANTO WIYONO Male Manufacturing 26.04.1993
309 0122012P10025126 EDI PRANOTO Male Manufacturing 28.06.1987
310 0122012P10025125 EDI PURNOMO Male Manufacturing 28.06.1987
311 0122012P10015155 EDI PURNOMO Male Manufacturing 11.03.1985
312 0122012P10026060 EDI PURWANTO Male Fishing 14.11.1974
313 0122012P10014895 EDI PURWANTO Male Manufacturing 22.12.1992
314 0122012P10021585 EDI WIYONO Male Manufacturing 21.08.1978
315 0122012P10015152 EDIANTO Male Manufacturing 10.11.1987
316 0122012P10013046 EDY BUDI SANTOSO Male Manufacturing 07.12.1975
317 0122012P10023597 EDY SUKARNO Male Manufacturing 20.11.1983
318 0122012P10017141 EDY YONATAN Male Fishing 11.06.1987
319 0122012P10000981 EFENDI Male Manufacturing 10.03.1977
320 0122012P10024035 EFENDI SANTOSO Male Manufacturing 02.07.1990
321 0122012P10026042 EFIN YULIANTO Male Manufacturing 04.07.1984
322 0122012P10014589 EKA SARWANTA Male Manufacturing 04.10.1973
323 0122012P10024448 EKO AGUNG SANTOSO Male Manufacturing 12.04.1990
324 0122012P10019011 EKO ARIS SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 28.08.1992
325 0122012P10031978 EKO BAYU RIYANTO Male Fishing 01.12.1992
326 0122012P10033526 EKO BUDI SARYANTO Male Fishing 20.07.1992
327 0122012P10033547 EKO CAHYO RIYANTINO Male Manufacturing 23.09.1985
328 0122012P10020544 EKO PRAMESWANTO Male Manufacturing 05.11.1990
329 0122012P10022595 EKO PRASETYO Male Manufacturing 15.02.1991
330 0122012P10023357 EKO PURWANTO Male Manufacturing 10.11.1991
331 0122012P10033507 EKO SAPUJI Male Manufacturing 25.05.1981
332 0122012P10022896 EKO SAPUTRO Male Manufacturing 14.01.1993
333 0122012P10012785 EKO SETIAJI Male Manufacturing 06.11.1984
334 0122012P10021776 EKO SISWANTOKO Male Manufacturing 09.10.1976
335 0122012P10031970 EKO SRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 28.01.1989
336 0122012P10017093 EKO TEGUH PAMBUDI Male Manufacturing 21.12.1985
337 0122012P10026035 EKO WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 30.10.1990
338 0122012P10012198 EKO WIDODO Male Fishing 15.12.1976
339 0122012P10021363 EKO WINARTO Male Manufacturing 26.06.1982
340 0122012P10020163 EKO WINTORO Male Manufacturing 15.01.1982
341 0122012P10024283 ELLY PURNOMO Male Manufacturing 04.10.1977
342 0122012P10025146 ENDAH PORWATI Female Manufacturing 10.04.1980
343 0122012P10012486 ENDANG Male Manufacturing 23.04.1982
344 0122012P10028598 ENDANG Male Manufacturing 19.08.1991
345 0122012P10033315 ENDI SUSANTO Male Manufacturing 23.12.1987
346 0122012P10026045 ENDIK SUSANTO Male Fishing 14.04.1992
347 0122012P10012464 ENDRA Male Manufacturing 02.05.1992
348 0122012P10014971 ENDRA WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 17.01.1994
349 0122012P10022910 ENDRI SUTIKNO Male Manufacturing 12.02.1992
350 0122012P10024880 ENDRO SUPRAYITNO Male Manufacturing 05.08.1984
351 0122012P10012511 ENENG WULAN Female Manufacturing 27.12.1992
352 0122012P10014665 ERI SAFARI Male Manufacturing 21.07.1988
353 0122012P10031477 ERWANTO Male Manufacturing 28.04.1984
354 0122012P10028194 ERWIN KURNIAWAN Male Manufacturing 31.03.1994
355 0122012P10011813 ERYANTI Female Manufacturing 01.11.1992
356 0122012P10012506 ESI LIA MARLIANA Female Manufacturing 24.09.1990
357 0122012P10023851 EVI TRIANA YUWATI Female Manufacturing 11.11.1985
358 0122012P10007009 FADLI Male Manufacturing 19.03.1982
359 0122012P10001426 FAHRUDDIN Male Manufacturing 19.08.1993
360 0122011P20002764 FAIQOTUR ROHMAN Male Manufacturing 28.05.1980
361 0122012P10028036 FAJAR SUGIANTO Male Manufacturing 15.05.1987
362 0122012P10030235 FAJRI CHOLIS NUR WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 12.04.1993
363 0122012P10001084 FATKHURROJI Male Manufacturing 10.10.1982
364 0122012P10002079 FAUJI RIANTO Male Manufacturing 31.05.1993
365 0122012P10000487 FAUZIN ALWI Male Manufacturing 27.02.1987
366 0122012P10017181 FAYAN Male Manufacturing 10.07.1984
367 0122012P10021520 FEBRIYANA ANDI IRMAWAN Male Manufacturing 08.02.1993
368 0122012P10021033 FELIX TRI WIDODO Male Manufacturing 29.07.1977
369 0122012P10025062 FENDI SETYAWAN Male Manufacturing 04.02.1990
370 0122012P10000854 FENDY IRAWAN Male Fishing 17.11.1989
371 0122012P10022873 FERI EKO SUSANTO Male Manufacturing 29.01.1983
372 0122012P10025132 FERI HADI PRAYITNO Male Manufacturing 16.10.1980
373 0122012P10032075 FERI SUSILO Male Manufacturing 24.08.1993
374 0122012P10001047 FERRY HIDAYATULLAH Male Manufacturing 09.06.1992
375 0122012P10022843 FERRY SUGIARTO Male Manufacturing 25.02.1993
376 0122012P10011803 FIHRI AMRULLAH ZABIR Male Manufacturing 18.08.1993
377 0122012P10026065 FIKI PRIYA CANDRA PERMATA Male Manufacturing 14.02.1993
378 0122012P10002444 FIKRI YANSYAH Male Fishing 21.03.1993
379 0122012P10020335 FITRI ATMOKO Male Manufacturing 26.05.1989
380 0122010P20002092 FITRI NOVIYANI Female Manufacturing 19860501
381 0122012P10012022 FUJIYANTI Female Manufacturing 11.02.1991
382 0122012P10021362 GAGUM PRABOWO Male Fishing 01.12.1987
383 0122011P10004161 GANET SISWANTO Male Manufacturing 24.10.1983
384 0122012P10025299 GANJAR JOKO PRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 03.06.1988
385 0122012P10021394 GATOT SANTOSO Male Fishing 23.07.1973
386 0122012P10000942 GATOT SUBROTO Male Manufacturing 05.07.1991
387 0122012P10029315 GERRY TRI ADITYA Male Manufacturing 13.11.1990
388 0122012P10023595 GIANTO Male Manufacturing 11.04.1980
389 0122012P10020899 GIYONO Male Manufacturing 24.12.1983
390 0122012P10017083 GRANDI MARDIANTO Male Manufacturing 02.05.1985
391 0122012P10028209 GUGUM GUMILAR Male Manufacturing 19.02.1994
392 0122012P10024036 GUNAWAN Male Manufacturing 08.07.1979
393 0122012P10021994 GUNAWAN Male Manufacturing 09.09.1981
394 0122012P10017475 GUNAWAN Male Manufacturing 09.07.1987
395 0122012P10025139 GUNAWAN WICAKSONO Male Manufacturing 21.06.1992
396 0122012P10011812 HADI YATNA Male Manufacturing 15.10.1993
397 0122012P10012848 HAFIZ NUCHROLIS MAJID Male Manufacturing 22.06.1985
398 0122012P10007100 HALIM Male Manufacturing 04.06.1984
399 0122012P10028250 HAMBALI Male Manufacturing 27.03.1987
400 0122012P10021378 HAMDAN SHOHIB Male Manufacturing 06.10.1988


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