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Lampiran 3: Sending Berkas CTKI Korea Tanggal 31 Oktober 2012, Nomor: 0401-0600 (HARI-MANO)


401 0122012P10011814 HARI AYARANA Male Manufacturing 02.05.1993
402 0122012P10021910 HARIANTO Male Manufacturing 26.06.1987
403 0122012P10011780 HARIMAN Male Manufacturing 08.09.1983
404 0122012P10020837 HARIS SUYONO Male Manufacturing 03.04.1979
405 HARMANTO Male Manufacturing 14.10.1976
406 0122012P10031652 HARNO Male Manufacturing 13.04.1982
407 0122012P10020456 HARTONO Male Manufacturing 19.09.1990
408 0122012P10000772 HARTONO Male Manufacturing 29.02.1988
409 0122012P10011828 HARTONO Male Manufacturing 05.05.1992
410 0122012P10002346 HARTONO Male Manufacturing 26.11.1992

411 0122012P10021566 HARTOYO Male Manufacturing 01.01.1989
412 0122011P10030845 HARWATI Female Manufacturing 09.11.1973
413 0122011P10047986 HARYADI Male Manufacturing 23.02.1987
414 0122012P10003468 HARYANTO Male Manufacturing 05.07.1975
415 0122012P10001026 HASAN BASRI Male Manufacturing 11.12.1990
416 0122012P10011525 HASANUDIN Male Manufacturing 08.08.1982
417 0122012P10011510 HASANUDIN Male Fishing 16.01.1984
418 0122011P10048880 HASIM AZHARI Male Manufacturing 15.05.1985
419 0122012P10033478 HASTOMO Male Manufacturing 09.10.1987
420 0122012P10024380 HEDI WAHYU SISWANTO Male Manufacturing 17.05.1990
421 0122012P10014628 HELMI LELY DESIYANTI Female Manufacturing 05.12.1993
422 0122012P10029729 HENDRA GUNAWAN Male Manufacturing 04.11.1989
423 0122012P10017149 HENDRA SETIONO Male Manufacturing 26.11.1992
424 0122012P10024206 HENDRI CAHYONO Male Manufacturing 21.10.1981
425 0122012P10028188 HENDRIK IRAWAN Male Manufacturing 12.07.1993
426 0122011P10004962 HENDRIK KIRO Male Manufacturing 02.12.1986
427 0122012P10031729 HENGKI SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 12.06.1990
428 0122012P10012365 HERI KESUMA Male Manufacturing 18.09.1991
429 0122012P10023308 HERI NURYANTO Male Manufacturing 03.03.1990
430 0122010P20001978 HERI PURNOMO Male Manufacturing 03.07.1977
431 0122012P10024604 HERI SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 13.07.1992
432 0122012P10021601 HERI SUSANTO Male Manufacturing 08.04.1988
433 0122012P10033280 HERMANTO Male Manufacturing 31.01.1991
434 0122012P10029584 HERMANTO Male Manufacturing 29.09.1989
435 0122012P10021598 HERMAWAN Male Manufacturing 08.12.1991
436 0122012P10025078 HERMAWAN Male Manufacturing 17.04.1989
437 0122012P10025025 HERU SUKOCO Male Manufacturing 18.10.1991
438 0122011P10002514 HERY ISWANTO Male Manufacturing 17.06.1985
439 0122012P10000765 HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 18.10.1991
440 0122012P10000738 HIDAYATUROHMAN Male Manufacturing 07.12.1990
441 0122012P10012933 IBNUL FATTAH RIDHALLOH Male Manufacturing 23.07.1993
442 0122012P10001014 IDA ROSIDAH Female Manufacturing 07.08.1993
443 0122012P10001609 IDI Male Manufacturing 16.06.1982
444 0122012P10000779 IDIN TAHIDIN Male Fishing 01.05.1979
445 0122012P10033343 IDRIS Male Manufacturing 26.09.1984
446 0122012P10000634 IFTIYAH Female Manufacturing 21.07.1991
447 0122012P10000019 IFZI Male Manufacturing 06.10.1976
448 0122012P10001460 IHSAN AHMAD Male Manufacturing 16.07.1981
449 0122012P10002463 IKE MULYANA Female Manufacturing 11.09.1992
450 0122012P10012539 ILMAN NUROHMAN Male Manufacturing 28.06.1992
451 0122012P10001610 IMAM ASHARI Male Manufacturing 25.07.1991
452 0122012P10025058 IMAM BUKHORI Male Manufacturing 10.11.1986
453 0122012P10012488 IMAM CHODERI Male Manufacturing 15.05.1988
454 0122012P10033521 IMAM HARYADI Male Fishing 18.07.1993
455 0122012P10023334 IMAM KOIRI Male Manufacturing 30.09.1981
456 0122012P10021908 IMAM MUSTOFA Male Manufacturing 09.11.1988
457 0122012P10026056 IMAM SAFII Male Fishing 07.05.1990
458 0122012P10022835 IMAM SIBYANI Male Manufacturing 23.06.1987
459 0122012P10026052 IMAM SOBIRIN Male Fishing 25.10.1992
460 0122012P10033564 IMAM SYAFIRUDIN Male Manufacturing 26.11.1982
461 0122012P10024652 IMAM WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 18.09.1983
462 0122010P20002090 IMAS IRNAWATI Female Manufacturing 19870619
463 0122012P10012410 IMRON Male Manufacturing 19.08.1988
464 0122012P10012552 INAYAH Female Manufacturing 13.02.1991
465 0122012P10014840 INDRA KURNIAWAN Male Manufacturing 14.07.1993
466 0122012P10000297 INDRA SIAGIAN Male Manufacturing 05.07.1986
467 0122012P10014175 INDRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 11.02.1993
468 0122012P10028801 INGGIT GUNAWAN Male Manufacturing 02.02.1980
469 0122012P10028135 INTAN KUSUMAH FITRIANI Female Manufacturing 05.03.1994
470 0122012P10007189 INTAN PANDINI Female Manufacturing 23.01.1994
471 0122012P10028153 IPIT MULYANA Male Manufacturing 08.11.1989
472 0122012P10001480 IQBAL MAULANA Male Manufacturing 09.02.1992
473 0122012P10024117 IRA DWI SUSANTY Female Manufacturing 15.07.1992
474 0122012P10000405 IRAH SUNIRAH Female Manufacturing 16.06.1986
475 0122012P10011729 IRHAM AZIS Male Manufacturing 10.08.1992
476 0122012P10024355 IRKAMNI Male Manufacturing 03.07.1984
477 0122012P10016836 IRMA MUSTAMIAH Female Manufacturing 22.11.1992
478 0122012P10028014 IRPAN G Male Manufacturing 07.05.1987
479 0122012P10024099 IRVAN VALEN ARIADI Male Manufacturing 24.03.1993
480 0122012P10024277 IRWAN MUKHLIS SYAFII Male Manufacturing 31.12.1989
481 0122012P10000154 ISKANDAR Male Manufacturing 06.07.1981
482 0122012P10024523 ISROF ZAINAL ABIDIN Male Manufacturing 19.04.1986
483 0122012P10001611 IVON RANDES SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 08.12.1989
484 0122012P10028228 IWAN FAHRUDIN Male Manufacturing 26.03.1994
485 0122012P10025032 IWAN SUJATMIKO Male Manufacturing 15.10.1991
486 0122012P10016984 JAENI Male Manufacturing 12.07.1976
487 0122012P10000571 JAENUN Male Manufacturing 15.04.1980
488 0122012P10000267 JAHARI Male Manufacturing 07.03.1980
489 0122012P10023977 JAINAL ARIFIN Male Manufacturing 28.03.1988
490 0122012P10000345 JAJANG SAEPUDIN Male Fishing 22.01.1990
491 0122012P10012700 JAJAT SUDRAJAT Male Manufacturing 26.01.1979
492 0122012P10012553 JANDAN FARIZ Male Manufacturing 05.07.1986
493 0122011P10031669 JARIANTO Male Manufacturing 05.10.1978
494 0122012P10001177 JAUHARI Male Manufacturing 04.05.1985
495 0122012P10000375 JEFRI SIMANJUNTAK Male Manufacturing 24.09.1988
496 0122012P10022020 JEFRY SUPRASTYO Male Manufacturing 20.08.1992
497 0122012P10001134 JENI BIN DARJA Male Fishing 09.08.1993
498 0122012P10025993 JENI ISMU Male Manufacturing 07.08.1985
499 0122012P10024513 JENI SUSANTI Female Manufacturing 18.01.1990
500 0122012P10028182 JERY MAULANA YUSUP Male Manufacturing 30.08.1993
501 0122012P10012495 JOHANES BERCHMANS NICUDEMUS Male Manufacturing 03.11.1977
502 0122012P10016803 JOHANES GANIS FRESDIANTORO Male Manufacturing 18.05.1987
503 0122012P10028024 JOKO MALIS Male Manufacturing 17.04.1989
504 0122012P10030417 JOKO MURSITO Male Manufacturing 09.05.1987
505 0122012P10014976 JOKO PITOYO Male Manufacturing 25.07.1990
506 0122012P10015654 JOKO PRAYITNO Male Manufacturing 26.09.1981
507 0122012P10020219 JOKO PURNOMO Male Manufacturing 22.11.1988
508 0122012P10024335 JOKO PURWANTO Male Manufacturing 01.01.1986
509 0122012P10030202 JOKO SANTOSO Male Manufacturing 12.06.1978
510 0122012P10022527 JOKO SUPRASTIYA Male Manufacturing 28.09.1991
511 0122012P10019839 JOKO SUYONO Male Manufacturing 05.04.1986
512 0122012P10017194 JOKO WAHYONO Male Manufacturing 07.01.1983
513 0122012P10021505 JOKO WALUYO Male Manufacturing 14.06.1977
514 0122012P10024899 JOKO YULIANTO Male Manufacturing 25.07.1991
515 0122012P10001750 JONI HENRIZAL Male Manufacturing 01.08.1984
516 0122012P10014614 JONI PRAYOGA Male Manufacturing 12.06.1989
517 0122012P10024878 JUAIR Male Manufacturing 09.02.1978
518 0122011P10002513 JUBER FIHRI Male Manufacturing 12.12.1982
519 0122012P10022598 JUHARDIONO Male Manufacturing 09.06.1991
520 0122012P10011806 JUJU JUMAROH Female Manufacturing 10.05.1987
521 0122012P10028703 JUJU ROJULAENI Male Manufacturing 12.07.1979
522 0122012P10000413 JULFIKAR Male Manufacturing 20.07.1984
523 0122012P10000440 JUMADI Male Manufacturing 22.03.1984
524 0122012P10021382 JUMANTO Male Manufacturing 06.06.1986
525 0122012P10011622 JUNEDI Male Manufacturing 12.08.1976
526 0122012P10010918 JUPRI TRIYONO Male Manufacturing 28.04.1978
527 0122012P10013209 JUWANTO Male Manufacturing 11.10.1980
528 0122012P10011818 KADIYAH ADI SUMIRAT Male Manufacturing 31.10.1992
529 0122012P10028859 KARIJO Male Manufacturing 24.10.1975
530 0122012P10014416 KARJONO Male Manufacturing 10.09.1986
531 0122012P10007041 KARSITA Male Fishing 06.08.1984
532 0122011P10030176 KARYONO Male Manufacturing 10.05.1981
533 0122012P10001052 KASIDI Male Manufacturing 31.08.1986
534 0122012P10025113 KATIMIN Male Manufacturing 12.06.1973
535 0122012P10025001 KATONO Male Manufacturing 01.01.1984
536 0122012P10021501 KESIATI Female Manufacturing 23.12.1982
537 0122012P10000398 KHAERIN BIN MUDOPAR Male Fishing 16.07.1991
538 0122012P10017287 KHAIRUL ANAM Male Manufacturing 07.04.1993
539 0122012P10032178 KHAMDAN AZIZI Male Manufacturing 24.10.1989
540 0122012P10001067 KHIFNI KHABSI Male Manufacturing 14.03.1993
541 0122012P10032027 KHODIRUN Male Manufacturing 12.05.1989
542 0122012P10024819 KHOIRUL AMRI Male Manufacturing 27.10.1990
543 0122012P10014399 KHOIRUL ANWAR Male Manufacturing 01.12.1986
544 0122012P10024622 KHOIRUL MAHMUDI Male Manufacturing 12.06.1988
545 0122012P10021426 KHOIRUR ROZIQIN Male Manufacturing 10.11.1979
546 0122012P10020815 KHOSID SUHARYADI Male Manufacturing 01.07.1992
547 0122012P10011707 KHUMAEDI Male Manufacturing 16.04.1986
548 0122010P20001877 KHUSNI MUBAROK Male Manufacturing 19890325
549 0122012P10014856 KISWORO Male Manufacturing 02.04.1993
550 0122012P10022929 KISWOYO Male Manufacturing 06.08.1982
551 0122012P10000306 KODIRON Male Fishing 05.03.1990
552 0122012P10024778 KOIRUL ANAM Male Manufacturing 15.10.1987
553 0122012P10012558 KOMARUDIN API Male Manufacturing 08.06.1990
554 0122012P10003089 KOSASI Male Manufacturing 20.04.1988
555 0122012P10017569 KUAT SUYITNO Male Manufacturing 07.07.1990
556 0122012P10026493 KUKUH BUDI SAROSO Male Manufacturing 23.05.1994
557 0122012P10022649 KUMIYONO Male Manufacturing 12.01.1983
558 0122012P10012487 KURNIA RAHAYU Male Manufacturing 21.05.1989
559 0122012P10010967 KUSMIADI Male Manufacturing 06.07.1977
560 0122012P10028325 KUSNADI B.SAIL Male Fishing 08.10.1982
561 0122012P10000829 KUSNAENI Male Manufacturing 27.12.1977
562 0122010P20001960 KUSNATI Female Manufacturing 19800604
563 0122012P10020399 KUSNI SETIAWAN Male Manufacturing 01.04.1993
564 0122012P10001170 KUWAT Male Manufacturing 15.11.1979
565 0122012P10026432 L MUNAWIR HARIS Male Manufacturing 23.04.1975
566 0122012P10028011 LAELATUL FAIZAH Female Manufacturing 22.05.1984
567 0122012P10000438 LALU ISKANDAR JAYADI Male Manufacturing 03.01.1984
568 0122012P10020888 LAMBANG RACHMAD EVANTO Male Manufacturing 09.05.1987
569 0122012P10024987 LANGGENG WIDODO Male Manufacturing 09.07.1991
570 0122012P10012491 LENDRIK HENDRIANTI Female Manufacturing 26.02.1992
571 0122012P10000620 LENI ANDANI Female Manufacturing 01.12.1992
572 0122012P10011652 LIA DAMAYANTI BT TARUDIN Female Manufacturing 10.03.1992
573 0122012P10028403 LILI ROMLI Male Manufacturing 16.01.1979
574 0122012P10025937 LILIK NURJANAH Female Manufacturing 03.11.1981
575 0122012P10030209 LILIX TRIAWAN Male Manufacturing 12.06.1987
576 0122012P10022866 LINDRA SAPUTRA Male Manufacturing 20.04.1990
577 0122012P10012228 LISNAWATI Female Manufacturing 30.06.1991
578 0122012P10000963 LOIS HENDRA Male Manufacturing 04.10.1985
579 0122012P10015871 LUCKY YULIUS SITA RA HMAN Female Manufacturing 13.07.1993
580 0122012P10017366 LUKMAN HAKIM Male Manufacturing 10.08.1993
581 0122012P10029547 LUQMAN Male Manufacturing 02.09.1985
582 0122012P10013978 LUSIANA Female Manufacturing 27.08.1988
583 0122012P10017346 LUTFI MUNIR Male Manufacturing 25.11.1989
584 0122012P10012516 LUWANTO RANTE Male Manufacturing 31.01.1984
585 0122012P10011983 M CHAIDIR SATRIA Male Manufacturing 10.06.1993
586 0122012P10022334 M NURIL ANWAR Male Manufacturing 28.11.1987
587 0122012P10009708 M SYAEFULLOH Male Manufacturing 12.11.1991
588 0122012P10021504 M ZAILANI Male Manufacturing 13.02.1992
589 0122012P10001393 MA RUF Male Manufacturing 01.01.1985
590 0122012P10021510 MACHRUS EFENDI Male Manufacturing 22.07.1984
591 0122012P10024589 MAHFUD ZARKASI Male Manufacturing 19.05.1989
592 0122011P10057308 MAHIRUDDIN Male Manufacturing 08.02.1983
593 0122012P10021052 MAHMUD Male Manufacturing 12.08.1982
594 0122012P10021225 MAHMUDI Male Fishing 10.12.1977
595 0122012P10015375 MAKHFUDI Male Manufacturing 10.12.1989
596 0122012P10000252 MALWIN Male Fishing 12.07.1985
597 0122012P10001723 MAMAT SURYAMAT Male Fishing 14.08.1974
598 0122012P10001091 MAMUN BIN MADUN Male Fishing 05.02.1984
599 0122012P10024960 MANDOKO Male Manufacturing 03.07.1980
600 0122012P10011465 MANO Male Fishing 17.11.1974


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