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 Lampiran 4: Sending Berkas CTKI Korea Tanggal 31 Oktober 2012, Nomor: 0601-0800 (MANS-RATM)Sending1


601 0122012P10000479 MANSUR Male Manufacturing 17.07.1983
602 0122012P10028151 MARDI SANTOSA Male Manufacturing 05.12.1980
603 0122012P10033516 MARJITO Male Manufacturing 24.03.1981
604 0122012P10022797 MARKUS RIDWAN Male Manufacturing 01.09.1989
605 0122012P10024140 MARSI Male Manufacturing 19.06.1978
606 0122012P10023340 MARUF ANSHORI Male Manufacturing 07.07.1989
607 0122012P10020338 MARWOTO Male Manufacturing 10.02.1985
608 0122012P10023348 MARYADI Male Manufacturing 04.05.1991
609 0122012P10014784 MARYADI Male Manufacturing 06.08.1984
610 0122012P10023350 MARYONO Male Manufacturing 05.02.1981

611 0122011P10002225 MARYONO Male Manufacturing 30.06.1976
612 0122012P10001061 MASHURI Male Manufacturing 12.02.1981
613 0122012P10000386 MASHURI Male Manufacturing 04.09.1989
614 0122012P10022626 MASKURI Male Manufacturing 14.01.1982
615 0122012P10011545 MASNUN Male Manufacturing 23.02.1989
616 0122010P20001959 MASNUNAH Female Manufacturing 19800810
617 0122012P10001690 MASROY Male Manufacturing 19.12.1993
618 0122012P10001495 MASRUHAN Male Fishing 18.02.1987
619 0122012P10000850 MASRUKIN Male Manufacturing 17.02.1989
620 0122012P10033484 MASRURI Male Manufacturing 16.03.1984
621 0122010P20001957 MAULANA MUHAMMAD Male Manufacturing 19841205
622 0122012P10021981 MAWARDI Male Manufacturing 13.07.1982
623 0122012P10025120 MEGA FERIYANTO Male Manufacturing 03.07.1990
624 0122012P10023385 MEGA YANUAR ARIFIN Male Manufacturing 13.01.1990
625 0122012P10001640 MEILIA DWI WIBAWANTI Female Manufacturing 06.05.1990
626 0122012P10014708 MIFTAH FAKIH Male Manufacturing 12.10.1991
627 0122012P10012504 MILA RAHMAWATI Female Manufacturing 07.10.1993
628 0122012P10024548 MIRANTO Male Manufacturing 04.07.1985
629 0122012P10014889 MK NASIIN Male Manufacturing 24.03.1985
630 0122012P10021562 MOCHAMAD SGGENG WIDODO Male Manufacturing 14.05.1992
631 0122012P10024187 MOCHTAROM Male Manufacturing 04.07.1991
632 0122012P10023291 MOH ANABSIR Male Manufacturing 17.03.1979
633 0122012P10021754 MOH BADRUL FUAD Male Manufacturing 05.12.1987
634 0122012P10022353 MOH FATHUL WILDANUDIN Male Fishing 12.02.1982
635 0122012P10014811 MOH JAELANI Male Manufacturing 13.02.1985
636 0122012P10012101 MOH RAGUNG MAHWADI Male Fishing 25.07.1988
637 0122012P10012354 MOH.SAEFULAZIS Male Fishing 02.03.1992
638 0122012P10028058 MOH.YAYAT HIDAYAT Male Fishing 06.01.1974
639 0122012P10001049 MOHAMAD ANDRE Male Manufacturing 02.06.1990
640 0122012P10026059 MOHAMAD ASRORI Male Fishing 09.11.1988
641 0122012P10024630 MOHAMAD FARIZA MUSTOFHA Male Manufacturing 05.05.1990
642 0122012P10022925 MOHAMAD HERU SUSANTO Male Manufacturing 17.08.1993
643 0122012P10001470 MOHAMAD SOLIKIN Male Manufacturing 05.04.1991
644 0122012P10025990 MOHAMAD THOLIB Male Manufacturing 25.05.1988
645 0122012P10021714 MOHAMMAD ROFII Male Manufacturing 05.02.1993
646 0122012P10000437 MOHAMMAD ZEIN Male Manufacturing 08.03.1983
647 0122012P10002043 MOHIVANRIZALI Male Manufacturing 24.11.1992
648 0122012P10026053 MOHSALAMUH Male Manufacturing 19.01.1991
649 0122012P10012244 MUALIM Male Manufacturing 20.09.1981
650 0122011P10002740 MUCHAMMAD IKHSAN Male Manufacturing 11.11.1991
651 0122012P10014631 MUEHAMAD MUSTAKIM Male Manufacturing 06.07.1991
652 0122012P10023877 MUGI SANTOSO Male Manufacturing 29.06.1978
653 0122010P20001883 MUH RIDUWAN Male Manufacturing 19.12.1985
654 0122012P10013415 MUHADI Male Fishing 12.07.1993
655 0122012P10024155 MUHADIANTO Male Manufacturing 18.10.1982
656 0122012P10021251 MUHAIMIN Male Manufacturing 03.06.1990
657 0122012P10033511 MUHAMAD BADARUDIN Male Manufacturing 20.05.1988
658 0122011P10003217 MUHAMAD BUSRO Male Manufacturing 16.04.1983
659 0122012P10002326 MUHAMAD DEDI DRAI Male Manufacturing 11.03.1974
660 0122012P10000367 MUHAMAD HIDAYATULLAH Male Manufacturing 12.03.1987
661 0122012P10009752 MUHAMAD IRFAN Male Manufacturing 31.10.1984
662 0122012P10001181 MUHAMAD JANIDIN Male Manufacturing 10.12.1983
663 0122012P10022857 MUHAMAD MAKMUN Male Manufacturing 05.02.1987
664 0122012P10012325 MUHAMAD MASHUDI Male Manufacturing 24.05.1976
665 0122012P10017355 MUHAMAD NAJIB WIBISONO Male Manufacturing 20.10.1986
666 0122012P10029733 MUHAMAD RIDWAN Male Manufacturing 10.06.1991
667 0122012P10011514 MUHAMAD SOLEHUDIN Male Manufacturing 05.05.1984
668 0122012P10021647 MUHAMMAD ABDUH Male Manufacturing 07.05.1989
669 0122012P10014629 MUHAMMAD AFIT SUPROJO Male Manufacturing 27.06.1989
670 0122011P10048962 MUHAMMAD AGUS RIANTO Male Manufacturing 02.08.1987
671 0122012P10014196 MUHAMMAD AL AMIN Male Manufacturing 30.10.1984
672 0122012P10028857 MUHAMMAD ANDI HALIM Male Manufacturing 08.08.1989
673 0122012P10028326 MUHAMMAD DIDIN TAJUDIN Male Manufacturing 20.10.1974
674 0122012P10000397 MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS Male Manufacturing 10.08.1981
675 0122012P10033310 MUHAMMAD KHILMAN Male Manufacturing 05.08.1986
676 0122012P10021123 MUHAMMAD SAIFUL Male Manufacturing 30.06.1987
677 0122012P10021330 MUHAMMAD SHOLEH Male Fishing 04.04.1982
678 0122012P10014731 MUHAMMAD SHOLIKHIN Male Manufacturing 24.09.1985
679 0122012P10022528 MUHAMMAD SULKAN HADI Male Manufacturing 05.11.1989
680 0122012P10021281 MUHAMMAD TAUFIK HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 23.06.1983
681 0122012P10023417 MUHAMMAD TRI MUJADI Male Manufacturing 28.11.1991
682 0122012P10021737 MUHAMMAD YUNUS Male Manufacturing 09.03.1989
683 0122012P10022583 MUHHAMADYANURI Male Manufacturing 23.10.1992
684 0122011P10036323 MUHSIN Male Manufacturing 20.12.1978
685 0122012P10012569 MUHTADIN Male Manufacturing 04.06.1978
686 0122012P10017260 MUJI FIBRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 23.02.1985
687 0122012P10025290 MUJIATI Female Manufacturing 13.03.1984
688 0122012P10025051 MUJIONO Male Manufacturing 19.07.1977
689 0122012P10024247 MUJIONO Male Fishing 02.07.1976
690 0122012P10033469 MUJIYANTO Male Manufacturing 22.07.1988
691 0122012P10022982 MUKAMAD JUMAIN Male Manufacturing 23.03.1984
692 0122012P10028248 MULYADI Male Manufacturing 04.05.1992
693 MULYANA Male Manufacturing 04.06.1989
694 0122012P10023315 MULYONO Male Manufacturing 17.08.1975
695 0122012P10001010 MULYONO Male Manufacturing 30.09.1982
696 0122012P10012298 MULYONO Male Fishing 15.03.1976
697 0122012P10012382 MUNTHOHAR Male Manufacturing 11.05.1979
698 0122012P10000084 MUSLIM ANSORI Male Fishing 22.04.1983
699 0122012P10012055 MUSLIMAH Female Manufacturing 12.05.1993
700 0122012P10000120 MUSRIPAH Female Manufacturing 15.01.1979
701 0122012P10001857 NAJIB Male Manufacturing 14.01.1991
702 0122012P10000396 NAMAN Male Manufacturing 20.12.1976
703 0122012P10025033 NANANG FAHRUL MUSTOFA Male Manufacturing 21.06.1986
704 0122012P10026041 NANANG HARI PURWANTO Male Manufacturing 18.08.1979
705 0122012P10023341 NANANG KUSDIANTORO Male Manufacturing 28.11.1986
706 0122011P10034802 NANANG PRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 17.06.1980
707 0122012P10024097 NANIK SUKENTININGSIH Female Manufacturing 16.10.1973
708 0122012P10001504 NASARUDDIN Male Manufacturing 24.10.1993
709 0122012P10028654 NASRUDIN Male Manufacturing 06.04.1977
710 0122012P10028387 NENG MAIDA Female Manufacturing 13.06.1987
711 0122012P10017375 NGADIMAN Male Manufacturing 07.12.1988
712 0122012P10021054 NGUJIONO Male Manufacturing 08.04.1977
713 0122012P10015908 NIKO DARIYANTO Male Manufacturing 28.11.1987
714 0122012P10000269 NILA AYU Female Manufacturing 25.07.1989
715 0122012P10000368 NINA ANDRIANI Female Manufacturing 03.10.1980
716 0122012P10025610 NINA RATNAWATI Female Manufacturing 21.09.1988
717 0122012P10001030 NITA ANITA Female Manufacturing 07.04.1992
718 0122012P10024631 NOFI SUSANTO Male Manufacturing 12.11.1977
719 0122012P10029286 NONO SUKIRNO Male Manufacturing 03.04.1985
720 0122012P10032702 NOPAT AGUS PAHING SEN Male Manufacturing 17.08.1989
721 0122012P10011490 NOPIYANTI Female Manufacturing 21.11.1982
722 0122012P10015220 NOVIE SARI WIBOWO Male Manufacturing 17.11.1992
723 0122012P10011934 NOVITASARI Female Manufacturing 11.07.1993
724 0122012P10000952 NOVIYANTI Female Manufacturing 26.04.1990
725 0122010P20002057 NUR AFIFAH Female Manufacturing 19840823
726 0122012P10014867 NUR AKHADI SOMAD Male Manufacturing 07.12.1979
727 0122012P10024983 NUR EKSAN Male Manufacturing 13.01.1983
728 0122012P10012480 NUR FAUZIAH Female Manufacturing 20.12.1975
729 0122012P10033571 NUR HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 14.02.1986
730 0122012P10009443 NUR KHAFIDIN Male Manufacturing 28.01.1990
731 0122012P10024120 NUR KHOLIS Female Manufacturing 24.10.1976
732 0122012P10022914 NUR ROFIK Male Manufacturing 13.01.1986
733 0122012P10022417 NUR ROHMAN KHAKIM Male Manufacturing 04.03.1988
734 0122012P10011509 NURADILAH Male Manufacturing 20.10.1986
735 0122012P10011659 NURAENI Female Manufacturing 27.02.1982
736 0122012P10022786 NURHADI Male Manufacturing 22.04.1988
737 0122012P10021749 NURHAMID Male Manufacturing 02.06.1985
738 0122012P10000265 NURHAMIDAH Female Manufacturing 06.06.1976
739 0122012P10001252 NURHASANI Male Manufacturing 23.07.1984
740 0122012P10024195 NURHASIM,ST Male Manufacturing 04.07.1981
741 0122012P10011928 NURHIDAYATULLOH Male Manufacturing 28.12.1990
742 0122011P10002575 NURIFAI Male Manufacturing 10.10.1976
743 0122012P10011661 NURIWAN Male Manufacturing 17.09.1988
744 0122012P10028477 NURIWAN Male Manufacturing 10.05.1989
745 0122012P10002056 NURKHOLIK Male Manufacturing 04.05.1981
746 0122012P10001481 NURKHOLIS Male Manufacturing 13.10.1986
747 0122012P10011587 NURLAELI Female Manufacturing 16.03.1985
748 0122012P10023758 NURROHIM Male Manufacturing 04.11.1982
749 0122012P10000364 NURSIPAN Male Manufacturing 10.10.1991
750 0122012P10021769 NURUL HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 10.06.1984
751 0122012P10033220 NURUL HUDA Male Fishing 16.07.1972
752 0122012P10009714 NURUL HUDA Male Manufacturing 02.06.1991
753 0122012P10020441 NURWACHID Male Manufacturing 24.03.1986
754 0122012P10001132 NURYAMIN Male Manufacturing 13.01.1989
755 0122012P10001563 NURYANTO Male Manufacturing 05.06.1989
756 0122012P10025133 NYONO MISWANTO Male Manufacturing 12.05.1983
757 0122012P10011621 OGIYANTO Male Manufacturing 13.10.1989
758 0122012P10025096 OKTYANO ANDRA NUGRAHA Male Manufacturing 02.10.1991
759 0122012P10023387 OKY KURNIAWAN SAPUTRA Male Manufacturing 22.10.1992
760 0122012P10018130 ORIN FERY IRAWAN Male Fishing 05.12.1988
761 0122012P10000387 PANDON Male Manufacturing 20.09.1984
762 0122012P10024948 PANUT Male Manufacturing 13.09.1983
763 0122012P10024843 PARDI Male Manufacturing 27.08.1975
764 0122012P10030399 PARIYANTO Male Manufacturing 19.10.1981
765 0122012P10020214 PARIYONO Male Manufacturing 11.09.1981
766 0122012P10013195 PARMANTO Male Manufacturing 24.08.1991
767 0122012P10000552 PARSINO Male Manufacturing 18.05.1993
768 0122012P10025142 PEBRI INDARWAN Male Manufacturing 16.06.1991
769 0122012P10025143 PONIRAN Male Manufacturing 28.11.1984
770 0122012P10000379 PRAMITHA WAHYUNINGGALIH Female Fishing 23.10.1991
771 0122012P10033131 PRAYITNO Male Manufacturing 06.09.1985
772 0122012P10000260 PRIDAMSUDI NGATEMAN Male Fishing 27.09.1974
773 0122012P10023361 PRIHADI Male Manufacturing 09.05.1990
774 0122012P10024944 PRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 02.05.1984
775 0122012P10024617 PUJI WIDODO Male Manufacturing 07.09.1983
776 0122012P10007376 PUJIONO Male Manufacturing 01.11.1981
777 0122012P10023409 PUPUT ROHMAWATI Female Manufacturing 22.01.1991
778 0122012P10003461 PUPUT SANJAYA Male Manufacturing 24.04.1989
779 0122010P20039243 PURNA MARIANA Female Manufacturing 19790219
780 0122012P10024990 PURNOMO Male Manufacturing 28.10.1982
781 0122012P10022868 PURWAJI Male Manufacturing 15.10.1992
782 0122012P10024970 PURWANDOKO Male Manufacturing 23.06.1988
783 0122012P10024106 PURWANTO Male Manufacturing 09.08.1991
784 0122012P10000694 PURWANTO Male Fishing 27.01.1981
785 0122012P10000316 PURWANTO Male Manufacturing 02.01.1986
786 0122012P10024632 PURWANTO Male Manufacturing 13.02.1977
787 0122012P10013949 PURWATI Female Manufacturing 03.01.1983
788 0122012P10012501 PURWONO Male Manufacturing 28.06.1987
789 0122012P10012554 R.DENY YUDISTIRA Male Manufacturing 07.02.1988
790 0122010P20001858 RADIANTO Male Manufacturing 19760415
791 0122012P10012499 RAHMAT HIDAYAT Male Fishing 08.03.1991
792 0122012P10000615 RAHMAT SOLEH Male Manufacturing 12.04.1990
793 0122012P10011854 RAHMAWATI Female Manufacturing 22.05.1986
794 0122012P10028198 RAJID Male Manufacturing 06.08.1992
795 0122012P10011809 RASIM Male Manufacturing 11.04.1987
796 0122012P10007183 RASIYO Male Manufacturing 04.04.1980
797 0122012P10001073 RASMIN Male Manufacturing 21.07.1976
798 0122012P10011594 RASMUI Male Fishing 04.03.1982
799 0122012P10011619 RASYIDI Male Manufacturing 05.07.1985
800 0122012P10000390 RATMAN Male Manufacturing 01.02.1992


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