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Lampiran 6: Sending Berkas CTKI Korea Tanggal 31 Oktober 2012, Nomor: 1001-1168 (SUPR-ZIAU)


1001 0122012P10030165 SUPRIYONO Male Manufacturing 08.04.1975
1002 0122012P10001561 SURATMAN Male Manufacturing 06.09.1987
1003 0122012P10013140 SURONTO Male Manufacturing 17.06.1985
1004 0122012P10012531 SURYADI Male Manufacturing 09.05.1978
1005 0122012P10011835 SURYADI BAHRUDIN Male Manufacturing 04.06.1990
1006 0122012P10020393 SURYANTO Male Manufacturing 02.03.1991
1007 0122012P10014579 SURYANTO Male Manufacturing 27.07.1976
1008 0122012P10000849 SUSAN Female Manufacturing 06.08.1978
1009 0122012P10017622 SUSANTI Female Manufacturing 20.01.1984
1010 0122012P10002803 SUSELO Male Manufacturing 26.04.1976

1011 0122012P10012971 SUTARTO KARTOHADI RAMIJA Male Manufacturing 10.12.1975
1012 0122012P10024174 SUTIKNO Male Manufacturing 30.04.1981
1013 0122012P10017189 SUTIKNO Male Manufacturing 09.05.1976
1014 0122012P10000060 SUTIKNO TAKRIB Male Fishing 27.06.1981
1015 0122012P10022738 SUTIONO Male Manufacturing 20.02.1991
1016 0122012P10024834 SUTIYO Male Manufacturing 15.05.1979
1017 0122012P10024041 SUTIYO Male Manufacturing 28.03.1978
1018 0122012P10020516 SUTRISNO Male Manufacturing 12.07.1991
1019 0122012P10007174 SUTRISNO Male Manufacturing 03.10.1988
1020 0122012P10025303 SUTRISNO EFENDI Male Manufacturing 07.09.1991
1021 0122012P10001017 SUUD SAMANHUDI BINH.MUSTOPA Male Fishing 15.12.1976
1022 0122012P10020719 SUYANTO Male Manufacturing 20.05.1975
1023 0122012P10024831 SUYATNO Male Manufacturing 06.08.1977
1024 0122012P10030514 SUYATNO Male Manufacturing 03.11.1980
1025 0122012P10029400 SYAHRUL AZIS Male Manufacturing 15.11.1992
1026 0122012P10025105 SYAMSUDIN Male Manufacturing 23.03.1976
1027 0122012P10011662 SYARIF ABDULLAH Male Manufacturing 11.08.1988
1028 0122012P10001033 SYUKUR Male Fishing 10.06.1984
1029 0122012P10012001 TACHRIR Male Manufacturing 12.07.1988
1030 0122012P10012720 TAMI FRYTA SARI AZIZAH Female Manufacturing 04.07.1986
1031 0122012P10030197 TANTO SETYO WARDOYO Male Manufacturing 03.09.1981
1032 0122012P10012514 TANTO SUGIHARTO Male Manufacturing 01.02.1990
1033 0122012P10001125 TARGONO Male Manufacturing 11.01.1978
1034 0122012P10001143 TARMAD BINDARJA Male Fishing 06.08.1985
1035 0122012P10011832 TARMANI Male Manufacturing 18.06.1988
1036 0122012P10012255 TARMIDI Male Manufacturing 21.06.1991
1037 0122012P10028794 TARYO Male Manufacturing 08.07.1990
1038 0122012P10011786 TASWIN Male Manufacturing 23.01.1991
1039 0122012P10000065 TAUFIK HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 15.09.1976
1040 0122012P10002794 TAUFIK HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 26.12.1993
1041 0122012P10002077 TAUFIK ROKHMANI Male Manufacturing 04.02.1987
1042 0122012P10028193 TEDI ANDERSON Male Manufacturing 29.11.1993
1043 0122012P10022995 TEGA KUSUMA Male Manufacturing 09.06.1991
1044 0122012P10002061 TEGUH DWI SAPUTRA Male Manufacturing 19.11.1992
1045 0122012P10002054 TEGUH EKO PAMBUDI Male Manufacturing 26.01.1993
1046 0122012P10007136 TEGUH WIDODO Male Manufacturing 12.04.1993
1047 0122012P10024111 TEGUH WIDODO Male Manufacturing 02.08.1982
1048 0122012P10028203 TETI DIANTI Female Manufacturing 20.07.1993
1049 0122012P10000733 TEUKU YASSER Male Manufacturing 22.01.1975
1050 0122012P10000245 TITI LUSIANA Female Manufacturing 06.07.1993
1051 0122012P10002626 TOHA Male Manufacturing 07.12.1981
1052 0122012P10033191 TOHARI Male Manufacturing 07.02.1990
1053 0122012P10033249 TOHIR PRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 28.12.1985
1054 0122012P10012525 TONI ARDI Male Manufacturing 30.11.1987
1055 0122012P10023736 TONI WIDODO Male Manufacturing 24.06.1975
1056 0122012P10013854 TOPIK PEBRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 15.02.1993
1057 0122012P10002073 TORIKHIN Male Manufacturing 27.06.1992
1058 0122012P10013606 TOTO HARDIYANTO Male Manufacturing 26.04.1976
1059 0122012P10018484 TOTOK PRAMONO Male Manufacturing 15.04.1992
1060 0122012P10019955 TRI FATMASARI Female Manufacturing 02.02.1986
1061 0122012P10012540 TRI PRASETYO LUMAKSONO Male Manufacturing 30.09.1987
1062 0122012P10033292 TRI SUPENDI Male Manufacturing 28.01.1990
1063 0122010P20022823 TRI SURYANTO Male Construction 11.03.1981
1064 0122012P10025703 TRI WIDODO Male Manufacturing 25.01.1991
1065 0122012P10012275 TRIANA Female Manufacturing 19.05.1993
1066 0122012P10014607 TRIJONO Male Manufacturing 17.11.1983
1067 0122012P10011528 TRISNO Male Manufacturing 02.05.1982
1068 0122012P10023894 TRIWANTI Female Manufacturing 07.09.1985
1069 0122012P10017217 TRIYONO Male Manufacturing 22.06.1990
1070 0122012P10024565 TRY SUJITO Male Manufacturing 29.11.1991
1071 0122012P10000558 TUFLIHUN Male Manufacturing 30.05.1988
1072 0122012P10017254 TUJIONO Male Manufacturing 10.06.1988
1073 0122012P10025117 TULUS PRASETYO Male Manufacturing 18.06.1983
1074 0122012P10022845 TUNGGUL SHAKTI WIJANARKO Male Manufacturing 02.10.1977
1075 0122012P10030360 TUNJUNG PRIHARYANTO Male Manufacturing 20.12.1987
1076 0122012P10000319 TURNADI Male Manufacturing 25.08.1993
1077 0122012P10023636 TUTIK Female Manufacturing 01.12.1976
1078 0122012P10020821 TUTIK WAHYUNINGSIH Female Manufacturing 17.01.1990
1079 0122012P10007192 UHTAMUJI Male Manufacturing 17.06.1987
1080 0122012P10012718 UJANG DIAN SUHERLAN Male Fishing 05.04.1978
1081 0122012P10012530 UJANG SAPRUDIN Male Manufacturing 28.08.1990
1082 0122012P10000902 USIN Male Fishing 16.01.1989
1083 0122012P10022960 USMANTO Male Fishing 05.05.1994
1084 0122012P10012573 USSI MUTAQIN Male Manufacturing 02.12.1977
1085 0122012P10001358 UUN KURNIASIH Female Manufacturing 05.02.1985
1086 0122012P10024279 UUT WAHYU UTOMO Male Manufacturing 06.10.1991
1087 0122012P10000395 VIRGIAWAN LISTANTO Male Manufacturing 19.01.1994
1088 0122012P10011937 WADI SUPARDI Male Manufacturing 20.11.1979
1089 0122012P10028362 WAHIDI Male Manufacturing 10.06.1985
1090 0122012P10011811 WAHYU DIANA Male Manufacturing 29.05.1988
1091 0122012P10026030 WAHYU FEBRIANTO Male Manufacturing 08.02.1984
1092 0122012P10023335 WAHYU GUSTAMA Male Manufacturing 17.08.1989
1093 0122012P10015759 WAHYU KUKUH PRASETYO Male Manufacturing 16.05.1989
1094 0122012P10011596 WAHYU MAULANA Male Manufacturing 20.08.1993
1095 0122012P10025280 WAHYU RIYANTO Male Manufacturing 04.08.1990
1096 0122012P10001046 WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 20.02.1980
1097 0122012P10000564 WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 19.03.1979
1098 0122012P10000322 WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 17.06.1987
1099 0122012P10025067 WAHYUDI Male Manufacturing 11.06.1989
1100 0122012P10021326 WAHYUDI WIDODO Male Manufacturing 16.12.1976
1101 0122012P10033211 WAHYUDIN Male Manufacturing 04.03.1992
1102 0122012P10026014 WAKIDATUL ASLIKAH Female Fishing 04.04.1975
1103 0122012P10022733 WARIYO Male Manufacturing 03.07.1975
1104 0122012P10000914 WARMA Male Manufacturing 03.01.1983
1105 0122012P10012287 WARMIN Male Manufacturing 08.06.1984
1106 0122012P10000711 WARNITA Male Manufacturing 26.07.1980
1107 0122012P10007017 WARSIM Male Fishing 08.03.1975
1108 0122012P10021204 WARSITO Male Manufacturing 09.03.1979
1109 0122012P10024966 WARSITO Male Manufacturing 17.06.1986
1110 0122012P10020864 WARTO Male Manufacturing 16.01.1990
1111 0122012P10012398 WARYO Male Manufacturing 04.01.1976
1112 0122012P10028708 WARYUDI Male Manufacturing 27.02.1988
1113 0122012P10025003 WASIDI Male Manufacturing 06.04.1984
1114 0122012P10025264 WAWAN EKO MARGONO Male Manufacturing 17.05.1993
1115 0122012P10011503 WAWAN GUNAWAN Male Manufacturing 16.12.1992
1116 0122012P10024706 WAWAN KURNIAWAN HIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 02.02.1988
1117 0122012P10001288 WAWAN NASIDI Male Manufacturing 18.07.1988
1118 0122012P10033193 WEDA KUSSUMA PUTRA Male Manufacturing 04.03.1983
1119 0122012P10022000 WEMPY HENDRA PURNAWAN Male Manufacturing 15.01.1985
1120 0122012P10025002 WIBOWO HADI SANTOSO Male Manufacturing 23.04.1991
1121 0122012P10014131 WIBOWO INDRIYANTO Male Manufacturing 12.04.1989
1122 0122012P10023365 WIDA KUSTANTI Female Manufacturing 19.11.1987
1123 0122012P10000879 WIDAYAT Male Manufacturing 15.05.1984
1124 0122012P10023192 WIDODO Male Manufacturing 25.03.1977
1125 0122012P10022884 WIDOYO Male Manufacturing 16.07.1990
1126 0122012P10012557 WILDAN NURJAMAN Male Manufacturing 15.04.1986
1127 0122012P10012509 WILLY PRIMA SEPTIAN NUGRAHA Male Manufacturing 10.09.1987
1128 0122012P10024301 WINARMI Female Manufacturing 01.05.1980
1129 0122012P10025210 WINDARTO Male Manufacturing 12.07.1989
1130 0122012P10000121 WIRO SAGITA Male Manufacturing 12.04.1990
1131 0122012P10000497 WIRSAN Male Manufacturing 04.06.1988
1132 0122012P10012494 WITI PUTONG Female Manufacturing 11.04.1990
1133 0122012P10015174 YAHYA EBRIEN Male Manufacturing 20.10.1984
1134 0122012P10012942 YAN YAN CAHYADI SYAR IF Male Fishing 12.03.1985
1135 0122012P10021688 YANTO HARIONO Male Manufacturing 15.09.1986
1136 0122012P10030194 YATNO Male Manufacturing 27.07.1972
1137 0122012P10026002 YENI DRENGKI HERMAWATI Female Manufacturing 05.11.1993
1138 0122012P10020839 YERI HARYANTO Male Manufacturing 13.03.1987
1139 0122012P10001567 YESIUS ISMADINATA Female Manufacturing 23.10.1986
1140 0122012P10023193 YETIK PRASETYA ERDIANAWATI Female Manufacturing 11.04.1983
1141 0122012P10002494 YEYEN FAUZI Male Manufacturing 16.09.1980
1142 0122012P10013385 YOHANES KAJIYAT Male Manufacturing 07.06.1980
1143 0122012P10000880 YOHANI Male Manufacturing 28.08.1981
1144 0122012P10024982 YOYOK BUDI HANDOKO Male Manufacturing 18.05.1994
1145 0122012P10024119 YOYOK SETYO BUDI Male Manufacturing 23.03.1991
1146 0122012P10023607 YUDHA BACHTIAR RIFFAI Male Fishing 10.04.1981
1147 0122012P10030390 YUDHA BAYU HANDOKO Male Manufacturing 11.03.1991
1148 0122012P10023288 YUGIK ARMIANTO Male Manufacturing 10.03.1984
1149 0122012P10011537 YUHIDIN Male Fishing 10.12.1983
1150 0122010P20002109 YULI AYU APRILIYANI Female Manufacturing 19920401
1151 0122012P10017341 YULI SANTOSO Male Manufacturing 27.07.1991
1152 0122012P10033530 YULIAN ARIF WIBOWO Male Manufacturing 26.07.1992
1153 0122012P10017311 YULIYANTO Male Manufacturing 31.07.1990
1154 0122012P10000270 YUNI PUJIASTUTIK Female Manufacturing 09.09.1983
1155 0122012P10014850 YUNUS SAFITRI Male Manufacturing 16.07.1987
1156 0122012P10000541 YUSRI RAZAK Male Manufacturing 27.12.1983
1157 0122012P10017168 YUSUF TARYONO PUTRO Male Manufacturing 22.02.1990
1158 0122012P10000200 YUYUN FATMAWATI Female Manufacturing 03.04.1981
1159 0122012P10025608 YUYUN WIDAYATI Female Manufacturing 10.02.1978
1160 0122012P10028321 ZAENAL AHMAD Male Manufacturing 18.03.1988
1161 0122012P10001080 ZAENAL ARIFIN Male Manufacturing 09.08.1987
1162 0122012P10000885 ZAENAL MUTTAQIN Male Manufacturing 11.03.1980
1163 0122012P10000033 ZAENUL ARIFIN Male Manufacturing 14.03.1992
1164 0122012P10015043 ZAINAL ARIFIN Male Manufacturing 09.03.1990
1165 0122012P10018459 ZAINUL HUDA Male Manufacturing 18.01.1976
1166 0122012P10012619 ZAKARIAA Male Manufacturing 26.10.1992
1167 0122012P10012366 ZAPAR Male Manufacturing 25.10.1989
1168 0122012P10000032 ZIAULHAQ Male Fishing 03.10.1979


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